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Today is February 6th, Sunday. I woke up early because of the sunrise that shines through from the living room. This city is almost always sunny. I am here in Los Angeles for a project. I thought, okay let’s start my day! So I took a shower and drove the car towards Venice. Sunday morning, 7:30. I rolled down the window thinking to myself, this is amazing.

This time I came to Gjusta in Venice. Out of the menu, I chose Smoked Fish and Egg.
Clockwise, from the front, smoked salmon, cucumber, labneh, egg, beautiful tomato, red onion, and my favorite capers. In the middle, what are they called, sprout?

Jima‘s favorite capers

I ate this outside under a tree. This lifestyle, not bad!

Food letter from New York by JIMA who is photographer. He is always interested in food so much. Enjoy his food.

Written & Photographed by Atsushi “JIMA” NIshijima
Translated by My daughter