AWW comes from the “awww” exclamation for all things dear and from the initials for “all we want.”

Things that we find AWW can be small things. Things like toothpaste that we have long preferred, a pair of favorite shoes purchased on the road. They are personal things that we share with friends — others may care less about some of these things, but if even a single soul would share our appreciation, it makes it worthwhile for us. And so we have launched an online magazine, which features such fashion articles and columns. 

We hope to share the AWWs from people that we think are AWW. The AWWs from our favorite people tend to be very different, and each great in their own way. 

There will also be a gift shop. When we go to a tourist spot or a museum, we are there to see the attractions, but we also want to shop. Honestly, we’re really there for the shopping. And so we decided to set up a gift shop. 

Again, welcome! We are AWW magazine and gift shop.

Editor in Chief
Saya Kawada

Editing by
Naoko Kato
Minori Kitamura

Translation by
Renna Okubo (Corinthians)

Art Direction by
Akinobu Maeda (MAEDA DESIGN LLC.)

Design by
Akira Kuroki
Yusuke Shono

All prices listed in AWW MAGAZINE & GIFT SHOP exclude tax, unless otherwise noted.
Some of the articles may take a while to be translated into English. In the meantime, please enjoy the visuals.