To my knowledge, Manolo Blahnik has loafers only for the men’s line. I thought the thin, elegant nose would be perfect for women with large feet (being size 41), so last year in Paris, I purchased a pair of their tassel loafers at the shopping arcade in Palais-Royal. I was wandering the dark back streets of the area when, out of nowhere, a small door appeared in front of me. The heels looked out elegantly, like colorful birds resting on a tree. I found out later that this Manolo shop had just opened in 2019, and that I had discovered its back door. I was quickly lured in by the mesmerizing, unrefusable doors. After spending some time in the dreamy world with the side gore boots that I have longed for and the plush velvet sofa, I headed to the 2nd floor. What a change of scenery—there was a wall covered with sophisticated mahogany, in which were rows of chic oxfords. The air was thick with the seriousness of the Wimbledon locker room as I selected a brown pair of tassel loafers carefully, like a tennis player about to head to the court. I was torn between the brown and the black, but since it was the men’s line, I opted for the former that allowed for a lighter, contemporary look.
Sometimes I see an adult woman wearing loafers with thin, white socks—she looks charming and fantastic. A touch of innocence at the feet of a refined, grown-up look is just sublime.

Text by Saya Kawada (Town)