Food letter from New York by JIMA who is photographer. He is always interested in food so much. Enjoy his food.

On the weekend when I wake up early I like to go buy some bagels. After living in NY for over 20 years I feel like this has become a ritual. Saturday mornings aren’t any different from the weekdays, very busy and hectic. I recommend going on Sunday mornings around 7am. The city is quiet, some people going on runs and grandpas getting their newspapers. When walking around the city you can hear the birds chirping, it is very peaceful. I like going to Murray’s Bagels to get a sesame bagel with scallion cream cheese. The bagel is about $3.95, this is what I always order. When I have work away from the city for a long time I think about this bagel and how I am craving it.

Written & Photographed by Atsushi “JIMA” NIshijima