This summer for about 4 weeks I was in London for work. I had some free time so I went to a couple restaurants known for their delicious food. Popular restaurants need a reservation at least a week prior but I thought I could maybe sit at a bar counter if I am alone and visit around 5 pm. My guess was correct.

Popular restaurants I feel like are often hyped up. I might have high expectations but it is hard to experience the same excitement as my friends who recommended me since their situation or memories could affect it.

On a rainy evening, I went on a bus from Kings Cross to Newington Green to visit a butcher that turns into a DJ at night. It is a trendy butcher that has a record player and a couple more music equipment on the counter.

Next to the butcher was a cool fishmonger. There were people eating oysters and on the wall it said Sashimi Plates. I was interested in sashimi so I walked inside the store and found two teens and an owner-like person standing at the counter. Maybe they were twins, maybe they were on summer break helping their family business. I told the twins “I want to eat sashimi”. The owner replied, “Is about 15 British pounds of sashimi good?”. He also asked, “Do you want anything to drink?” so I ordered white wine.

3 types of sashimi, white wine from Slovakia. It was yummy. Before I left I photographed the twins. It was a nice Newington Green apero!

Food letter from New York by JIMA who is photographer. He is always interested in food so much. Enjoy his food.

Written & Photographed by Atsushi Nishijima