Plate 4

Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, they are known to have the most beautiful McDonald’s and the most beautiful cafe.
This spring for about 2 months, I stayed at the hotel that has that cafe. The name of it is New York cafe.
In front of the hotel, there was the main road, and walking south for about 10 minutes, there was a Vietnamese restaurant that I visited every week. Budapest has good Vietnamese food. I usually had pho and spring rolls. Sometimes, fried rice with duck and vegetables.
In New York, I’ve never seen this but at this Vietnamese restaurant, they had pickled garlic thinly sliced, given with pho. You can add the garlic to the soup.
If you put it in, the soup tastes better.
After eating, instead of the main street, I walked back to the hotel using the back road.

From photographer JIMA, the city’s scenery and a little note for you.

Written & Photographed by Atsushi Nishijima