A beautiful package arrived with a show invitation for Échapper, a brand that I had been curious about.

They specialize in towels, bed linens, and pajamas. I knew I had to feel the material in person because the director was Aton’s Mr. Kuzaki.

I met Mr. Kuzaki before he started working for Aton. His inquisitive mind for fine material is evident in the details of his pieces—a fit so perfect it’s life-changing, the rustling sounds when the fabric rubs. Anyone who’s worn clothing by Aton can understand this instantly.

Échapper bed linens are silky and luscious, so much so that I wanted to fall asleep right on the bed on display. I own their botanically colored pajamas and have put them in the wash so many times, but they stay crisp and comfortable. They are light for the summer season and were on full rotation.

I want to test out the plush linen bath towels and see how they change after repeated use and wash.

And of course, the incredibly soft, organic cotton throw blankets! The natural, undyed color of cotton used on the detailing renders a modern look. Ms. Terauchi, the PR rep, requested a towel so soft, it could be used to dry freshly bathed babies and children, and the result was this fluffy towel. I’m an adult and also want to be wrapped in it, plus I can leave it in the car for the kids, so I purchased it online.

With people now spending more time at home, there will be even more new brands that consider the condition of these times. But Échapper will be chosen for Mr. Kuzaki and his pursuit of the finest material. I sincerely look forward to what kind of fine products he will be making.

For Yuriko E, a stylist who works in Tokyo, her car is a special space that doubles as a room of her own. This series, written from the driver’s seat, delves on the precious things that  accompany her.

Written & Photographed by Yuriko E