Brooks Brothers in Aoyama had long been a subject of my intrigue. Its solid appearance was so austere and appealing — to hear that it was changing locations came as a shock. I had often met with people outside the store and passed in front of it many times, but felt that I was too young to go in. At the beginning of August, I finally set foot in the establishment and discovered this single handkerchief.

It is printed with Tran Mawicke’s cover illustration for the 1985 holiday catalogue and I almost want to frame it. The handkerchief helped me out a lot this summer, and I probably won’t be able to let go of it for a while. Every time I mop my sweat, every time I dry my hands, I marvel at how cute it is.

This autumn weather makes me long for the debonair green in my pocket. That said, I’ve only ever used the putter…

Written by Minori Kitamura

Written by Minori Kitamura