Plate 6

On a flight from Athens, Greece to Budapest, Hungary
05, 2022

In the Spring of 2022, I worked on a movie in Budapest.

In May, I had a 3-day weekend, so I planned to visit a friend in Athens, Greece. Mark Ruffalo, an actor in the movie, asked me “Jima, where are you going next weekend?” I answered, “I’m going to Athens” and he replied, “I’m coming!” We spent most of the time in Athens together.

Mark arrived in Athens a day earlier than I did.

From the airport to the city of Athens, I was in a taxi, and all the windows were wide open. I was looking outside and feeling the wind. It was dry and sunny. I thought it was similar to Los Angeles and it made me happy.

As I arrived at the hotel, Mark messaged me, asking me if I wanted to visit Acropolis with him. I told him that I would head over but there were things that interested me on the way there, so I took a little detour. Mark texted, “I got to the entrance of Acropolis, but where are you Jima?” Because that was my first time in Athens, I replied, “I don’t really know where I am but I am definitely heading over!”
We were able to meet at Acropolis. We took pictures together, ate food, and although it wasn’t my birthday, he took me out to eat, calling it my birthday dinner. Looking back on this moment, it was really great!

This photograph is of a Hungarian sibling I took on the plane back to Budapest.

From photographer JIMA, the city’s scenery and a little note for you.

Written & Photographed by Atsushi Nishijima