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Morning. As I open the curtains, I flich, blinded by the light. The weather’s great, but I don’t have plans to go out. But, as a civilized human being, I wash my face and get out of my pj’s. I plan on staying home all day, but what do I change into? I put on a vintage T-shirt and Alo leggings. It’s still a bit cold, so I pull on a well-worn cashmere sweater. I pour myself coffee, which I spill. I eat bread and get crumbs on myself. I can’t just throw sweaters in the wash. And so I turn to sweatshirts. 

I found out about Alo because Kaia was wearing them.

Like this. Or so I’d like to say, but my legs aren’t as straight and slender and long as Kaia Gerber’s, so it’s not quite the same. But we’re definitely on the same level of relaxedness.

The boyfriend in a hoodie plus short shorts.
When in LA, an Earthbar concoction is in Kaia’s hand. And in his arms, an “Awwww”-inducing puppy.

While in New York, Kaia’s sweatshirt style has more of a city vibe. A compact, black hoodie paired immaculately with a suede coat.

Kaia without the hood.
A key dangling from her belt loop like a charm. That is peak accessorizing.

An old school-styled Julia Roberts in a varsity jacket and sweats, a beanie, and sneakers. A look perfect for stepping out to grab a sandwich in the neighborhood when hunger strikes on a lazy Sunday.

Curious to know what’s in her grocery bag. She has Nikes on her feet. “Having a good Sunday” vibes.

I usually wear sweats over t-shirts, but my favorite look of late is wearing a sweatshirt over a polo shirt. I feel that as long as it’s collared, it will work out even if there’s a lot of other stuff. Trusty collars, safety in collars. 
David Hockney likes to mix them with collared shirts. And also a belt and a wristwatch. So styling.

His belt is working hard.
A sweet ride, sweatshirt, and chinos.
I adore the paint splatter. There’s no way I can imitate that.

Leonardo DiCaprio also has a polo collar peeking from under his sweatshirt. Soon uncollared shirts will make me anxious.

Prince William must take after his mother, when it comes to pulling off the sweatshirt look. I spy a green shirt layered and tucked in.

The peeking collar makes it even more classy.
The Prince swings an axe.

As for the hoodie, the hood size and position have my attention. It’s being held high in perfect form. Where is it from? Proof of physical labor—it’s not bad that the shirt sleeves are peeking. 

The Prince carries logs.

Layering an oversized sweatshirt over the hoodie and taking a break. The layers tend to bulk up the look, but maybe the hood has face sculpting benefits.  

It’s looking like sweatshirts are here to stay a little longer. 

Written & Art Worked by Naoko Kato

Editorial Assisted by Minori Kitamura