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The temperature dropped the moment it became September. I’ve recently had to think about autumn wear. I want to wear blazers so much. I’ll add an easy blazer to the still-stuck-in-summer look. As autumn deepens, I’ll maybe pull on a sweater, or throw on a scarf. Navy blazers with gold buttons are good, but somehow I can’t shake the uniform-like stigma attached to those colors. I’d go for either gray or brown.

Accessorizing with gold and summer-toned skin.

A gray peaked lapel blazer as worn by Princess Caroline of Monaco. The light blazer with her lingering summer tan is divine. Almost like a scene from a film. Is this the norm in Monaco?

Here she is In her younger days, also donning a peaked lapel for a trad look.

Aging gracefully, Caroline pairs a gray blazer with a white turtleneck and a green sweater around her neck. A burgundy Kelly bag, nestled in her arms.  This chic look is what we all aspire to.

A lovely pair of green gloves along with a white fluffy dog.

Can’t get a close look at the lapel, but I imagine they’re peaked.

Green paired with beige and khaki.

Taylor the Creator, also using green for accent. The colors are autumn colors but the blazer and chino shorts can only be pulled off in September.

The comb plus cap look.

The glen-checked blazer is double-breasted and peaked-lapeled—not an easy look for a non-celebrity.

Speaking of brown blazers, here is Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. An oversized tweed blazer with elbow patches thrown on with a pair of chinos. I aspire for this look, but it’s not easy popping the collar up.

Only JFK Jr. can pull off throwing on a blazer with a t-shirt that he probably slept in, and popping up the collars.

Kaia in a Celine blazer. Even with the boxy silhouette, it’s bursting with contemporaneity.

An apple in hand.
Can’t go wrong with the corduroy and scarf combo.

An old black and white photo of Anthony Perkins, but brown corduroy is an option too.

This time I opted out of the navy but Charles the new king’s blazer look is superb. A blazer, thrown on one shoulder, arm hanging from a scarf. Highly recommended for those who have an injured arm. An uplifting look.

Could it be the injury that’s giving him the super cranky feels?

Written by  Naoko  Kato (Town)