You can never regret buying something that comes in a cute box.

A small box with a sunset hand-painted on the lid. Sunset Club’s pins come packaged in this special box, and it feels good just to have it on your desk.

Will Rogan is an artist based in Sausalito, a seaside town near the city of San Francisco. He works under the name “Sunset Club” and sells pins of everyday scenes and discoveries that have been iconized into small fragments. I chose a pin of a sunset that is half-set and a bit sad—-sad to the point that it looks ridiculous.

Will is known for his work as the co-founder and creator of The Thing Quarterly, which issued art editions with world-renowned artists, designers, and musicians. He lives on a boat and skates. Will is a cool, charming guy. He made a wild video work where he blows up a funeral car and captures that moment in slo-mo. His vast body of work implores me to consider the irreversibility of time, and the uncanniness of things that have a physical existence.

This small pin, too, is full of unique charm. The loose feeling of solidarity from the name “membership” makes its existence even more special.


Written & Photographed by Akira Kuroki