It’s a chilly day, and I see hot chocolate on the menu at the cafe. I think, maybe, this is it. Most hot chocolates are weaker than what I imagined and end up being a big let down. I always think that I should have ordered coffee instead. But, I am hopeful that I will one day encounter a delicious cup of hot chocolate, and I continue with the process of trial and error. This is because of the best hot chocolate I ever had, in Milan. That cup was steaming hot, richly thick, perfectly sweet, and each sip came with an overwhelming emotion of “whoa.” This was the hot chocolate at Bar Luce at the Prada Foundation Museum.

The dream-like space designed by Wes Anderson was no doubt partly responsible for this excitement. That said, it was the quality of the flavor that boasted that it wasn’t “just cute,” which had made my heart full. Their ham and cheese sandwich was also made to perfection. I apologize if the idea of chocolate plus sandwich is heartburn-inducing, but the toast was heavily buttered and delicious. I would fly to Milan just to avoid those aforementioned errors, but of course, current circumstances won’t allow this.

This shall be called “Everyone’s Hot Chocolate” and be serialized.

Good ham and cheese sandwiches aren’t hard to pull off at home, but I would hold back on the butter—at least I won’t slather to the point that you can tell that it’s foaming.
As for ham sandwiches, Tokyo has its own stellar version at Ginza West.