To this date, I have probably gone through about 30 tubes of Weleda Salt Toothpaste. I don’t keep count so I can’t say for sure. Since I started using this toothpaste, I haven’t had a single cavity. At a dental check-up, I was told that I don’t have any cavities and that I’ve been brushing well. I gloated slightly and pushed my dentist “if it’s because I use salty toothpaste,” only to be told “Salt? I don’t know about that,” with a little snort and without his stamp of approval.

It’s salty because it’s salt. It’s a little grainy because it’s salt. It marvelously doesn’t foam so it’s easy to rinse out. Little white foam bits get splattered on my shirt without my noticing; more than often, I find them encrusted when I’m out and about. But it makes the inside of my mouth nice and smooth. And, again, I am cavity-free.

It’s not quite as up there as Weleda, but I use Tom’s Antiplaque & Whitening after eating curry.

I had a stash of Weleda toothpaste that lasted me for a while, but I recently had to restock and found out the package design had changed quite a bit. Still, the paste is as good as ever.

Text&Photo by Naoko Kato (Town)