Plate 1

Milos Island, Greece

From April to the end of June, I was in Budapest, Hungary for work. In May, I had a 3-day weekend so I took a plane to Athens. The flight was about 2 hours.

A Greek friend of mine lives in Athens, he said, “What are you going to do for 3 days in Athens? If you come to Greece, you have to go to one of the islands”. I asked if he had a recommendation. He said, “Tinos, Milos, Anafi… is good but it is a bit far so maybe Hydra!”

But I was drawn to Milos. In fact, the trip to Milos was long, it took about 4 hours by ferry to get there. I wanted to enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere of Athens so Milos was on a day trip.

At Milos, I went to Sarakiniko. This photo was taken at the beach of Sarakiniko. They were French siblings who at first were not holding hands, but then as they were swimming they held hands.

From photographer JIMA, the city’s scenery and a little note for you.

Written & Photographed by Atsushi Nishijima