Jacket and pants by Photocopieu ¥78,000; ¥40,000
Shirt by Photocopieu ¥49,000
Sweater by Photocopieu ¥49,000
Dress by Photocopieu ¥78,000

The first time I visited the studio was to pick up garments for a photoshoot.

Photocopieu was on the top floor of the building in Gaienmae where Granpie, a home decor store, was also a tenant.

The clothes hanging on the racks looked as though they were made of fine silk, with ambivalent colors and three-dimensionality that made me wonder with excitement how they would look when worn.

I was there to borrow the spring and summer line, but I also got the chance to see the upcoming fall and winter samples. They let me try on a tweed short coat. The forward-hanging sleeves, placed slightly lower than usual, gave the shoulders an elegant line. Cinching the waist with the belt, made of the same fabric, made it sensuous. Clothing for dignified and graceful women—now, this was what I had been waiting for.

I later found out Isetan was carrying the line and went to try on a dress.

A delicate but voluminous silhouette, fine stitches, and small gold buttons: my reflection in the mirror looked like a strong-willed woman and made me do a little happy dance in the fitting room. I was so enamored by how it made me look that I pined for the opportunity to do a feature on Photocopieu. That was when AWW invited me to be part of the magazine. I immediately proposed this, and now here we are. Thank you, Photocopieu!

Photocopieu 03-6804-2182

Styled & Written  by Yuriko E (YARD)
Photographed by Masahiro Sambe
Hair by Nori Takabayashi (YARD)
Make-up UDA (mekashi project)
Model: Fuka Hamano