Because I am a wine newbie, I am highly dependent on the wine section at Shinanoya. I peruse their carefully written recommendations and pick my wine for dinner and chuck it in my shopping basket along with natto and carrots. I never pay more than 2000 yen. Reality dictates my decisions, but it has never failed me. Hence, I am convinced that there is a super merchandiser at Shinanoya.

My favorite right now is Rizzoli Frizzante Secco from an Italian winery called Zardetto. (I always look at the label when I pick up a bottle, but for the first time, I read the label.) Frizzante means it’s a slightly sparkling wine from Italy. I first bought it spring of last year, during the first soft lockdown. It felt good to have the crisp and gentle fizz adjust my blurring contours. I immediately bought it in bulk, but soon it was sold out. 

I had forgotten about the wine as life soon picked up momentum and I became busy. In the fall, I reencountered it once again at the store. This wine is produced for local consumption, so it’s rarely available outside of Italy. Please stay as long as you can, I beg, as I stock up on a few bottles every time I go to Shinanoya.

Written & Photographed by Kanako Uchida