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Knitwear by The Elder Statesman/The SAZABY LEAGUE ¥93,000(reference price) .  Knit Pants by Auralee ¥49,000. Earrings by Tomwood/Steady Study ¥45,000.
With chillier weather upon us, I find myself wanting new knitwear, but it tends to be bulky, I have a lot of the same already, and my closet is overflowing. So, I vow not to buy anymore this year, but I know I am going to give in to the fluffiness and comfiness of the material. I really like the silhouettes of knitted fabrics and I am also attracted to the high-quality, cozy fits. So much so, that this year, I found a knitted bag! (Apart from its actual practicality, it’s cute.) Well, I think it’s quite obvious, I will be buying a lot of new knitwear this year.
Since we’re on the subject of knitted tops, I was wondering what is the correct word I should use.  For example, in the States they are called  “sweaters” or “pullovers,” and in the U.K., they call them “jumpers.” In Japanese, however, it felt right to call them “knitwear,” as that is what they are called.
Knitwear by Comoli/WAG, Inc. ¥82,000. Denim Pants by A.P.C. ¥20,000. Gold Ring by Shihara/SHIHARA Lab ¥230,000.
Knitwear by Cristaseya/ BIOTOP ¥73,000. Blouse by Baserange for Adam et ropé / ADAM ET ROPÉ ¥26,000. Denim Pants by A.P.C. ¥20,000.
Knitwear by Auralee ¥68,000. Men's Belted Denim Pants by Comoli/WAG, Inc. ¥30,000. Gold Ring by Shihara/SHIHARA Lab ¥230,000. Coin Ring by Tomwood/Steady Study ¥72,000. Earrings by R.Alagan (stylist’s own).
Knitwear ¥127,800, Pants ¥99,600 Both by Lemaire/EDSTRÖM OFFICE. Earrings by R.Alagan (stylist’s own).
Knitwear by Monica Cordera /Bshop ¥39,000. Pants by Unfil ¥31,000. Gold Ring by Shihara/SHIHARA Lab ¥230,000.
Knitwear by Maydi/BIOTOP ¥51,000, Pants by Gabriela Coll Garments/BIOTOP ¥65,000. Earrings ¥45,000, Coin Ring ¥72,000 both by Tomwood/Steady Study. Gold Ring by Shihara/SHIHARA Lab ¥230,000.
Knit bag ¥67,200, Dress ¥93,000, Boots ¥123,600 All by Lemaire/EDSTRÖM OFFICE.
ADAM ET ROPÉ (JUN Customer Center) 0120-298-133
A.P.C. CUSTOMER SERVICE  0120-500-990
Auralee 03-6427-7141
BIOTOP (JUN Customer Center) 0120-298-133
Bshop 03-5775-3266
EDSTRÖM OFFICE 03-6427-5901
SHIHARA Lab 03-3486-1922
Steady Study 03-5469-7110
The SAZABY LEAGUE 03-5412-1937
Unfil 03-5775-3383
WAG, Inc. 03-5719-1501

Styled & Written by Maiko Kimura
Photographed by Reiko Toyama
Hair & Make-up by Momiji Saito
Model: Eriko Harako(bravo)